Miss Audrey says I am the sweetest, most compliant donkey on the farm.

Donkeys are often kept.

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View Details. . She has excellent bone, a great conformation, nice straight legs, and a.


May 22, 2023 · Donkeys for Sale - Mammoth Donkeys. To be registered as Mammoth, the male donkey should be at least 14. 2008 Brown Mammoth Donkey Jenny $4,500.

Donkeys are a breed of equine that originated in north Africa and is closely related to the horse. Donkeys For Sale : Registered Minature Donkeys.

The Majorcan donkey, also from Spain, is taller than the Maltese donkey.

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The most common color is gray, but they can range from. Donkey.

Loads easy, Was used as a 4H show donkey as a yearling.
She has an incredibly sweet personality, curious nature, and the kindest eyes you have ever seen.
Selling only as a group of 3, price is negotiable.

Phone: n/a.

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I have lived at Donkey Meadows for 8 years and gave birth to Fancy here. com, LLC group of websites. So many Majorcan donkeys were imported from Spain that there are no known populations in Spain today.

Donkeys For Sale : Registered Minature Donkeys. . Price: $500-$1,000 for pet quality jacks, $1,200-$1,500 for pet quality geldings, $1,800+ for pet quality jennies, and $3,000+ for breeding quality jacks and jennies. . If you would like more information on any donkey I have available and think you can offer the right home, you can call or email me: 423-400-7046 or angie@donkeylistener.

Stud fee is $600 plus board & expenses, discounted to $500 for multiple bookings.

Gray. Their lifespan is between 25 to 35 years, occasionally more and mature height is 36 inches or under weighing between 225 and 350 pounds.

The Sicilian donkey is a miniature breed of domestic donkey, standing only 28-38 inches tall at the withers.




It's also free to list any donkeys for sale on our site.